Rashmi Agarwal

Renowned gardening professional Mrs. Rashmi Agarwal, is from Delhi. She brings with her over 30 years of expertise and creative acumen in the field of gardening and green gifting ideas. She is an avid gardener and horticulturist, practicing various gardening techniques like Bonsai, Tray gardens, Vertical gardens, Terrariums, Succulent plants as gifts, Zen gardens, Terrace gardens, Balcony gardens and landscaping big gardening projects in NCR -Delhi. She runs a green gifting ideas workshop cum store and landscape gardening business too. She has touched life of over 2000+ people in all age groups, with her green initiatives and workshops. She has numerous awards to her credit in the field of gardening, bonsai, tray gardens and flower arrangements, for her own garden and her gardening projects in NCR. She has a lot of experience in teaching children nature oriented art and craft fun activities. She is a full-time faculty with schools, taking extra-curricular programs on gardening, plant care and farming.