My Waste My Responsibility

Online Workshop
Price Per Participant: ₹

Aim of Online Course

  • Defining and Understanding waste and impact of mismanagement
  • To increase participants knowledge in segregating and managing waste
  • To enable participants to share best practices on waste management

Learning Outcome

  • By the end of the workshop participants will be able to
  • To acquire a fair amount of knowledge on types of waste
  • Will learn about the journey of our waste disposal system
  • Apply basic concepts in waste segregation and management
  • Will share real case stories of some extreme mindful waste management

You'll get

  • The knowledge and step-by step process that will help you practice waste segregation
  • An action plan on waste segregation
  • An e- certificate from Organo Et School
  • Post workshop support from experts and leading sustainability practitioners

The course consists of one session which contains mixed of instructional formats, such as expert interaction, presentations, guided activities, and readings.

Course requirements

  • Participants are expected to complete this which is an hour each of directed instruction, which include the following components-
  • Pre and Post-Self Assessments
  • Expert Interaction
  • Discussion Groups (optional)

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